Our school is situated in a beautiful, small town called Pruchnik.

There are about thirty teachers and two hundred and fifty students in our school.

In Poland, students start education in Primary School when they are six or seven years old.

They finish school when they are twelve or thirteen.

There are fourteen classrooms in our school.

We can use four interactive whiteboards and two ICT classrooms.




There are History and Science classrooms too.

We do sports in the local Sports Centre. Our teachers often organize football, handball and volleyball competitions.




After school we have fun at our big and wonderful playground.

Our students are interested in Art, Music, English, sport and dancing.

We celebrate different festivals, for example, Independence Day, Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

We like visiting interesting places, cities and going to the cinema or swimming pool.

Every year we organize a few discos at school where we can dance.


Pruchnik is an amazing, small town in the south-east of Poland. It has a population of 3,700 people.

Pruchnik gained town rights in around 1370. It lost the town status in 1934, but regained it on the 1st of January 2011.

Pruchnik has a really beautiful landscape: hills and forest.

There are historical buildings, for example the church and the market place. It is one of the most interesting places here. There are old, historical wooden houses from the 19th century.

In summer a lot of festivals and concerts are organized in Pruchnik.

You can walk there and spend a nice time.

Karol: I have got two brothers and one sister. I like playing computer games, playing football and handball. I'm interested in Maths, Science, History and ICT. I like Skrillex and his song is “Skrillex - Make it Bum Dem”. My favourite computer game is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”.

Natalia: I'm twelve years old. I’m interested in Art and Music. I have got one sister, Zuzia. My favourite singer is Rihanna. In my free time I love meeting friends and talking on the phone.

Anna: I'm thirteen years old. I have got one sister, Justyna, and one brother, Marcin. I like listening to music. I like reggae music.

Daniel: I’m thirteen years old. My hobby is playing computer games and reading magazines about games. My favourite game is “Assassin’s Creed 2”. I like reggae and dubstep music. My favourite musician is Skrillex. I love painting and drawing.

Ania: I am twelve years old. I like horse riding and listening to music. My favourite singer is Katy Perry. I like the song “Last Friday Night”. I am cheerful and nice. I have got one sister, Magda, and one brother, Krzysiu.

Emilia: I'm twelve years old. I'm interested at Music and Art. My favourite singer is Aura Dione. I like the song “Friends”. I've got three brothers: Piotr, Jakub and Artur, and two sisters: Magda and Wioleta. I love playing football and swimming.

Wiktor: I’m thirteen. I like watching videos on You Tube. When I have a lot of time, I play RPG and FPS games. My favourite games are:”Saints Row: The Third”, “Battlefield 3” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.

Europejski Dzień Języków

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26 września obchodzony jest Europejski Dzień Języków. Jego idea zrodziła się z inicjatywy Komisji Europejskiej podczas Europejskiego Roku Języków w 2001 roku. Głównym celem obchodów jest ukazywanie korzyści płynących z uczenia się różnych języków. W naszej szkole uczniowie klas IV i VI również zaprezentowali bardzo ciekawy apel z tej okazji.

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